Roof Insulation System

Roof insulation system is Light weight, rebated foam, long spans, roof profiles, easy to clean, diversity of colors, standard trims, environment friendly, insulated roofing system perfect for any building project from patios & awnings to architectural & commercial buildings.


Pressure Grouting ( Injection Method )

Injection grouting is a process of filling the cracks, voids or honeycombs under pressure in concrete or masonry structural members for repairing of cracks, strengthening of damaged concrete or masonry structural members. Grout is flowable plastic material and it has negligible shrinkage to fill the gap or voids completely and should remain stable without cracking, DE-lamination or crumbling.

Fleece Membrane Waterproofing

Fleece is intended to provide a protection and cushioning layer to the green roof waterproofing membrane to prevent usefulness of the membrane caused by the green roof system.

Structure Repairs

We provide waterproofing and structural repairs service at cost effective manner to our clients. We have experienced professional worker and staff for this service to offer best and suitable solution. We use advanced technology and high quality raw materials which makes us trusted service provider in the market.

Sealant Application

There are many forms of applications that require a fully waterproof sealant. Whether it’s an industrial-sized project as part of a large construction project, or simply something for your home DIY efforts, we offer a range of different and high technologies covering the extent of your waterproofing needs.

Waterproofing is a complex process that varies depending on your individual circumstances and sealant demands. If you need support or have any queries regarding waterproof sealant for your construction project, contact our technical support team for direct consultation from experienced industry professionals.

Geotextile Waterproofing

Geotextile waterproofing sheets consist of 1 PSF of clay granules between two layers of Geotextile polypropylene fabric, one woven and one nonwoven, needle punched and heat fused together. This type of waterproofing is used for below-grade slabs and vertical walls and as a blindside waterproofing membrane. Product is cut to length from roll and mechanically-attached or loose- laid.

Traditional Brick-Bat Coba Waterproofing

Roof slabs constructed either by RC or by RCC, needs insulation for thermal comfort and waterproofing treatment to prevent leakage of water. Both these requirements are effectively full fill by brick bat coba treatment.

All existing treatment, coatings on roof slab top is to be removed and surface cleaned by hard wire brush and washed with water. The surface should be free from any oil, grease, dust etc. Remedial measured by provided to all structural cracks. Expansions joints should be treated as per standard practice.

Elastomeric Exterior Waterproof coatings

Solvent free, pigmented, elongation two components Elastomeric Exterior Waterproof Coating. For this we use Saarapur XEL600 which is a tough flexible waterproof membrane with a high film strength, that will expand and contract with normal substrate movement.

Saarapur XEL600 is mainly used as a crack bridging membrane and applied on concrete & asphalt substrate in bridge, building, swimming pools, Internal wet areas and Shower Recesses, External Balconies and Decks, Roofs & underground constructions.

China Mosaic Waterproofing ( Kavadi Waterproofing )

With the help of our skilled team, we are progressively involved in presenting top-class and quality services for China Mosaic Waterproofing Service to the clients. Provided services are adeptly communicated in commitment with the pre-defined accepted quality principles. As well, these provided services are imparted as per the assorted conditions of our client so as to upkeep their gratification.

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